For the last 10 years, I have worked in the hospitality, retail, and digital textile printing industry with many other life experiences along the way including travel. Travelling is high on my list of where I get my inspiration from with the infinite amount of photo snaps to prove this.

A lover of many beautiful, colourful, lovely things and places. I like to dabble in mark making, collage, upcycling clothing, photography and making tote bags from a mix of recycled, random, and organic fabrics, whilst practising in minimizing waste.

I am an advocate for the preservation and sustainability of Indigenous cultures, art, and textiles - in which falls under my support for the sustainability of our environment and slow design movement.  

I hope that my space inspires, engages and questions thoughts and ideas of a better way to go about the design world, our environment, conscientious travelling and culture, usage of our materials, and how it can positively implement into day to day routine, however small or big.